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Batista Gremaud Challenges What We Know on Weight Training, Gaining Weight, and Mindset

Ep 5 of healthAddiKt: Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Beautiful Batista started as a professional dancer, who's health slowly started deteriorating as she began aging. She ate healthy, exercised regularly, but results weren't showing as she saw fit.

After she discovered a new way of strength training with Dr. Fitness USA, her life began to transform in ways she didn't know possible as a highly positive intelligent person, who regularly did meditation, and more.

Because of her drastic results, she is now on a mission to share the new possibilities associated with strength training and links it to mindset and some other surprising techniques that she shares with us in this podcast.

And the Dr. Fitness USA program is available via this link:

We'd love to hear your feedback on stories surrounding strength training and transformation. Have you had similar results?

We invite you to join this health evolution. Reduce unnecessary medications and surgeries. Teach people how to maintain optimal health. Inform the world about proven, ancient healing methods! Welcome to the #MainstreamMission! Please share with your community!

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