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Be Inspired by the Paleo Boss Lady who gets Vulnerable with Us On Her Journey Embracing Multiple Sclerosis

Ep 3 of healthAddiKt: Holistic Health and Wellbeing

We are so blessed to speak with V the Paleo Boss Lady! V is a shining light and a beacon of health aka wealth. 

She boldly shares her story with vulnerability on being disabled with MS, Multiplesclerosis, and being almost completely immobile on the verge of being institutionalized as this was her only option based on our health care system today.

Talks about the power of affirmations, mindset, what happened with her millions of dollars, what happened in a couple of weeks with being gluten free, food as medicine, and what amazed me most… was her sharing on National MS Society. 

She went from almost institutionalized to having her own place, a car that she can drive, and her newest addition… a puppy!

Are you aware of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen? Find out what you can buy that doesn’t necessarily need to be purchased organically. 

Check out her site where you can find all her links, coaching, and cooking at…

Other mentions: Dr. Terry Wahls

We invite you to join this health evolution. Reduce unnecessary medications and surgeries. Teach people how to maintain optimal health. Inform the world about proven, ancient healing methods! Welcome to the #MainstreamMission! Please share with your community!
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