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Dr Brian Clement Brings Awareness Around Food Energy & Raw Living

Ep 2 of healthAddiKt: Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Brian Clement is known as the controversial nutritionist because American society is still struggling to accept unique ways of accepting alternative health practices into our society. We fully stand behind raw living, even though t can be difficult for sure to live it breathe it 100%, but there also can be beauty on the other side. Many people have been able to surmount cancer, dimentia, disease, and more at the Hippocrates Health Institute.
Here Brian discusses foods the electromagnetic field of foods that haven't been cooked, and how they pertain to your health. 
Learn about living foods, and how they can support bringing energy back to people with fatigue, slow the aging process, and increase muscle mass for athletes.
Touch base on the Fat Sick & Nearly Dead movie, and how it affected Londyn.

Dr. Clement, shares why he feels sprouts are the best medicine that there is.

Find out why fish oils are bad, and about meat causing cancer!

Sprouting Mung Beans is what we find to be the easiest practice.

We invite you to join this health revolution. Reduce unnecessary medications and surgeries. Teach people how to maintain optimal health. Inform the world about proven, ancient healing methods! Welcome to the #MainstreamMission!
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