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Mind Bending Mike Weeks on Everything You Thought You Knew About Dieting and Health

Ep 4 of healthAddiKt: Holistic Health and Wellbeing

What a fascinating conversation we had with the powerful Mike Weeks! This information has never been heard before and quite honestly, we didn’t want the conversation to end!

Mike shares with us all sorts of varied and unconventional diet habits. He’s a life hacker, NLP practitioner, and Billionaire Personal and and Business Development coach. When he does something he does it 100%.

He’s gone strict on all sorts of various diets, and brings us his thoughts on them such as Paleo, Kangaroo, Protein Diet, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw, Fruitarian, The Zone, Pritkin (high carb), Dr. Ray Peats (Peaterians).

Why he eats dairy, and sugar… DID drink Coke, until after we taped this, and he went home and fount out that the beets used in the Mexican Coke are GMO.

Learn about his thoughts on Omega Oils, and fish, his take on salads, and more. GET THE BOOK FOR FREE HERE!

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Untrain Your Brain:

We invite you to join this health evolution. Reduce unnecessary medications and surgeries. Teach people how to maintain optimal health. Inform the world about proven, ancient healing methods! Welcome to the #MainstreamMission! Please share with your community!

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