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The Founder of healthAddiKt Opens Up...

As the Founder of healthAddiKt, I wanted to start this campaign off with a bang. I pondered for weeks on figuring out the right person to kickstart our interviews and stories. Finally, after some meditation, I realized, why not start with my own personal story?
Being an advocate for health, wellbeing, and a higher consciousness it is imperative for me to set the stage, so to speak, so that this community understands where our passion stems from. I get a little vulnerable here, the discomfort in the video couldn't be more obvious, but the message is exactly what I wanted to share. 
You will notice from experience with my gynecologist, there is a reason, that I chose not to believe what I was told from my doctor. I knew in my body, that that wasn't going to be my story. This is why I sought out "alternative" therapies. It is so important that we listen to our inner knowing, our own guidance, vs placing all our trust and validation in others. This is a key reason why people get second and third opinions, because they know there is a possibility of a different result. 
I truly believe, we have the power to heal ourselves from completely unorthodox methods. As we continue this campaign, we will be bringing many stories and interviews that may challenge your current way of thinking when it comes to health. Stories from providers, stories from influencers, and of course stories from our community. We learn from each other, and the more authentic and real we are with each other, the greater the impact. 
We learn from each other. Authenticity creates impact.
Now, I'm curious... What are you thoughts? Do you think your body has the capability to heal itself or at least be in stable harmony? 
Please share this with your friends and family, because you never know who's going to need to hear a particular message that could absolutely change the course of their life. Also, please submit your own personal stories and video's for consideration via this link.
Looking forward to sharing the #MainstreamMission with you!
Much Love.
Bethany Londyn
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