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The Mediterranean Diet:

The Diet That Has Been Linked to a Longer Life and a Bigger Brain For Seniors!

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Have you ever heard that people who follow a Mediterranean diet have a bigger and healthier brain volume? 

Researchers have tested and found that people over 65 who did not follow the eating plan of a Mediterranean diet had a smaller brain than those who did not.

Want to find out how you can increase your brain size?

Ever wondered why the United States is so much unhealthier than most other countries? Well, it’s pretty simple actually…. it’s DIET. In recent studies, investigators found that eating more fish and less meat was associated with less brain shrinkage.

According to Yian Gu, an assistant professor of neuropsychology at Columbia University in New York City who wanted to reach out to people interested in the diet and lifestyle factors leading to better health, she confirmed that this is another study consistent with previous studies that indicate the Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet”). The United States has the highest obesity rate and the highest medical insurance costs internationally. Do they both go hand in hand? I think so. Eating a healthy and balanced meal doesn’t just make you physically healthier it can make you more intelligent too.

The Mediterranean diet explores the significance of local ingredient production not only from a specific food system but also recognizes the labeling and production side of it as well. The diet stems from the southern Europeans and specifically focuses on the eating behaviors of the people of Crete, Greece, and southern Italy. According to researchers in a recent study, they found that people over 65 who ate more fish, vegetables, fruit, grains and olive oil had a larger brain volume than a similar group who didn't follow a Mediterranean diet. In Gu’s observational findings, they cannot prove the cause-and-effect relationship between the Mediterranean diet and brain volume and why it increases brain volume.

The diet of the Mediterranean’s is probably simpler than you think. It basically stresses the consumption of vegetables, legumes (lentils, peas, and beans), fruits, cereals, fish and monounsaturated fats such as olive oil. These ingredients should be fresh and not processed. The plan also suggests a low intake of meat, poultry, saturated fats and dairy products, as well as mild to moderate amounts of alcohol. There are many other benefits of this diet, including a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, and Obesity. Changing your typical eating habits can do many things for your physical health, and come on, who wouldn't want a not only bigger but more effective brain?!

So now you’re wondering what changes to your diet can you make that could potentially increase your intelligence.

Wells here’s a few:

  1. Start eating more plant foods
  2. If you’re craving something sweet after dinner, have some fresh fruit for Dessert
  3. Use olive oil as your main source of dietary fat in meal
  4. Consume low to moderate amounts of win
  5. Eat no more than four eggs per week
  6. 6.Starting eating more beans, nuts, cereals, in forms of barley, corn or Brown rice, and Seeds
  7. Make cheese and yogurt as the main dairy food
  8. Make 25% to 35% of your calorie intake consists of fat

Were here for you to shed some positive light

on living a healthy and beautiful life! 

By Gabby Scuderi

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