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Welcome to the Mainstream Mission

I am so excited to introduce to you our HealthAddiKt Campaign, the Mainstream Mission, taking the alternative out of alternative care.

#mainstreammission spreading health and wellness everywhere

At HealthAddiKt we are vision focused, and what we see first and foremost is increased health consciousness amongst the United States of America, and then a spreading of our radiant health and vibrancy all over the world.

We believe there is another way to serve health, and it starts with us at an individual level. We are looking to increase the care and wellbeing of America via alternative and preventative methods or as we like to call it, INTEGRATIVE and PROACTIVE CARE.

Health is more than the absence of disease. It is a complete state of physical, mental, and social well being.

Our Mainstream Mission is about creating a community, a tribe of people, that prefer what’s typically called Alternative Methods to their ordinary health insurance care, and because of their successes they are excited to  share this with their friends and family. 

We are collecting stories and videos from our community to create the ultimate impact. We want to be inspired by you. You never know how much your story might impact another person’s life. 

Every week we will be sharing another story, starting next week with my own personal story, I’m getting vulnerable and intimate!

Please share our Mission with your community and bring us your story if this resonates with you, because you never know how much of an impact you may make on someone else's life.  Many of us have had health scares, and sharing yours and how you overcame it could be just the ticket someone else needs to take their life into their own hands via an integrative method.

Thank you for joining us and spread the health and wellbeing all over!

Be the vibrant healthy you that you are!

Much Love.

Bethany Londyn

Mission Founder
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